This Is Us

Here’s another one for Entertainment Weekly’s Must List. A family portrait for the TV show ‘This Is Us’. The show revolves around the lives of the “big three” siblings Kate, Kevin, and Randall–as present day adults and as 10 year old children as pictured here circa 1990. Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore are the parents Jack and Rebecca.

I must admit I had not followed this show, though I had seen it advertised pretty heavily. Once the assignment came in, I watched some episodes online and familiarized myself with the story lines, characters, etc. I’ve got to say I can see why the show is so popular–it has an endearing quality and my goal was to convey that in this piece.

Big Little Lies

biglittlelies_tofanelliHere’s a group portrait I did for the Must List section of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. It is for the premiere of the new HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’ starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz. A big thank you to designer James Kim of EW for bringing me in on this project!

Happy Holidays to all!

mikeshirleyxmascard_finalWarmest holiday wishes to you and yours!



And now for something a little warm and fuzzy–and disturbing. A curious bromance in bloom. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…oh, wait a minute, yes there is…

The King of Miami Night Life


In this recent cover for the Miami New Times, I was asked to illustrate the “king” of Miami night life, night club magnate David Grutman. Along with the king on his disco chess board are Hulk Hogan, Kim Kardashian , and Nick Jonas chess pieces–all regulars that you can find hanging out in one of his clubs on any given night–that is, if you’re so cool and fortunate to get into one of his clubs. Sadly I am not part of that crowd, sigh.

His most popular club is called LIV, hence the pun in the cover headline. Oh, and a trivia tidbit for all you disco era folks–LIV is “54” in roman numerals. Anyways, big thanks to some fine art directing by Kristin Bjornsen.

October Surprise


Here is a quick little something I came up with, inspired by the current October surprise bombshell. A departure from my trademark painted style, I wanted to be looser and experimental, playing with the Kyle Webster photoshop brushes for the ink line and painting–had fun with it…

Make The World Great Again

Six, count ’em, six Donald Trump spots for a satirical article in The Progressive’s September issue. The spoof is all about how Trump would make everyone great again from Britain and France to Hezbollah, etc. Hilarious “Trumpian” dialogue from writer Matt Biers-Ariel, and a huge thanks to art director Kerstin Diehn for using me again:-) In a departure from my typical rendered painted style, I went with a pen & ink comic book type of look.brittrump_finalanapoleontrump_finalgreektrump_finalajewishtrump_finalahamastrump_finalayankeetrump_final