Mike and Shirley’s 2nd Saturday Reception

It was a wonderful turn out for our 2nd Saturday opening at Pinkys. Many thanks to Pinkys owners Blanca and Barb for giving Shirley and me this opportunity to exhibit our work. They, along with their team transformed the salon into a beautiful art gallery for that night and supplied a mind boggling array of finger foods and refreshments. It was great to see some old friends, meet some new people, and just really a pleasure to see everyone enjoying themselves.

mike n shirley pinkys1pinkys crowd2mikes pinkys wall

shirleys selfport wall

Shirley's impressive works--acrylic on canvas.

shirleys wall2pinkys food1

shirley and MJ

Shirley and Michael

pinkys crowd 2

Shirley and friend Alissa

If you're wondering about Shirley's bandaged hand, she had a run in with our cat Mocha, who was still stressed from a recent visit to the vet.

Blanca mike shirley barb

With our two generous hosts, Blanca on the left, Barb on the right.

2 responses to “Mike and Shirley’s 2nd Saturday Reception

  1. You are so talented Mike! Love the art (of course) and the way you write. Hang in there with the blog, before you know it you’ll be “freshly pressed” on wordpress! I’m still waiting for that (haha), but your art speaks for itself! (Lisa Coen here…not sure if it will display that way! )

  2. Hey Lisa, thanks for dropping in (and identifying yourself too)! Yep, I’m a wordpress newbie right now but am looking forward to “pressing” on. I appreciate your compliments and encouraging words–I’ll have to stop by and check out Friday Night Casserole!

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