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Grad Night 2013 pt. 3

And in case that wasn’t enough for ya …thanks to all the kids for being great sports!

DSC00275fb DSC00277fb DSC00278fb DSC00279fb DSC00281fb DSC00283fba DSC00284fb DSC00285fb DSC00287fb DSC00292fb DSC00296fb DSC00297fb

Grad Night 2013 pt. 2

More sketches…

DSC00260fb DSC00263fb DSC00264fb DSC00266fb DSC00267fb DSC00270fb DSC00271fb DSC00272fb DSC00273fb

Grad Night 2013 pt. 1

Once again it’s time for another installment of Grad Night caricature–2013 edition. After a busy grad night season here are some of my favorite shots…

DSC00234fb DSC00235fb DSC00236fb DSC00237fb DSC00238fb DSC00240fb DSC00245fb DSC00247fb DSC00248fb DSC00251fb DSC00252fb DSC00255fb DSC00257fb DSC00259fb