Monthly Archives: March 2018

2 Dope Queens

In my latest Must List illustration for Entertainment Weekly, I’ve depicted the hit podcast duo of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, aka 2 Dope Queens. Their hit podcast has grown into a four-part comedy special on HBO. I must admit I wasn’t completely familiar with these ladies when I received the assignment, but after my research, I’ve found them to be clever and pretty darn funny. Again, a big thanks to Art Director Aaron Morales.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

And here is a recent (well, early December) Must List illo for Entertainment Weekly featuring the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I rarely have time to follow TV comedies these days, but when I have to illustrate one, I will binge watch episodes and totally get into it for the short period of time I’m given to execute the assignment. I gotta say this show had me ROFLMAO. Thank you art director Aaron Morales for the call on this one.