Trial and Error: Lady, Killer

For Entertainment Weekly’s current ‘Must List’, I’ve illustrated the NBC comedy Trial & Error: Lady, Killer. Stars of the show from left to right, are Nick D’Agosto, Kristin Chenoweth, and Sherri Shepherd. It’s a mockumentary sitcom entering it’s second season–each season a new suspect is introduced and the zany defense team must prove their innocence (last season featured John Lithgow). Kristin Chenoweth plays this season’s suspect, an eccentric socialite diva who has been accused of murdering her husband. Because the season had not aired yet, all I got to see was the preview, which looked pretty hilarious. Sort of has a Parks and Rec/The Office feel to it. I rarely have time to follow tv shows but I may need to check this one out! Shout out to AD James Kim for the call on this one.

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