The Mayor of Cincinnati

For the March issue of Cincinnati Magazine, I was asked to illustrate Cincinnati  mayor John Cranley to accompany an article about him. The story covers his plans for Cincinnati and the region over the next four years, which includes job and economic growth, child poverty reduction, and a greener infrastructure among other things. The red bike he is riding through the city’s historic Over-the-Rhine district is part of a city bike share  program he has championed and also serves as a metaphor for his “on the go” and forward thinking persona. It was a pleasure working with Creative Director Megan Scherer on this.

2 Dope Queens

In my latest Must List illustration for Entertainment Weekly, I’ve depicted the hit podcast duo of Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, aka 2 Dope Queens. Their hit podcast has grown into a four-part comedy special on HBO. I must admit I wasn’t completely familiar with these ladies when I received the assignment, but after my research, I’ve found them to be clever and pretty darn funny. Again, a big thanks to Art Director Aaron Morales.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

And here is a recent (well, early December) Must List illo for Entertainment Weekly featuring the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I rarely have time to follow TV comedies these days, but when I have to illustrate one, I will binge watch episodes and totally get into it for the short period of time I’m given to execute the assignment. I gotta say this show had me ROFLMAO. Thank you art director Aaron Morales for the call on this one.

Will & Grace Revival

Will, Grace, Karen and Jack are back in this recent (well, actually it was a couple months ago–I’ve lagged behind on my blog posts, ugh!) illo for Entertainment Weekly’s Must List–to coincide with the television revival of Will & Grace. Thank you Art Directors Faith Stafford and Ruby Parra.

On the Road in Trump’s America

Here’s a cover illustration I did for The Progressive–the current Oct/Nov. issue. I was asked to illustrate the cover story “Across the Great Divide: On the Road in Trump’s America”.  In it, a Progressive reporter goes on a cross country road trip to interview Trump supporters in order to gain a better understanding of  “the other side” and bridge the gap that divides our nation.

Art Director Kerstin Diehn and I had been brainstorming various road trip themed concepts for the cover. Road trips always remind me of roadside diners so I presented this diner concept which turned into the finished cover above. Oh, and the retro vibe of the diner is absolutely  intentional.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Here’s Lady Gaga for a recent ‘Must List’ illustration in Entertainment Weekly. It was for the debut of her Netflix documentary ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’. I watched the doc and gained a new appreciation for this lady–it was quite inspirational and effectively revealed the “human side” so rarely seen of the pop icon. Thank you AD Dragos Lemnei!

The Real Cat Man

And here’s my recent cover illustration for the Miami New Times. It features Key West’s most famous street entertainer, Dominique (aka the Cat Man) Lefort and his Flying House Cats. A wacky and eccentric French clown, Lefort has dazzled crowds for over three decades with his team of seemingly ordinary house cats who perform amazing stunts like jumping through flaming hoops and walking across narrow balance beams. This is pretty remarkable when you consider we have a cat and we can’t even get her to stay off the kitchen table! It was a treat to work with AD Kristin Bjornsen again on this cover.