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Grad Night 2014 part III

And finally…





Grad Night 2014 part deux

More pics from the late nights and wee early hours…DSC00557ccfb DSC00556fbDSC00559fb DSC00565ccfb DSC00562fb DSC00560ccfbDSC00566ccDSC00572ccfbDSC00573ccfb

Grad Night 2014 part 1

Here are some of my favorite drawings from this year’s Grad Night season…DSC00534fb DSC00536fb DSC00538ccfb DSC00544ccfb DSC00546ccfb DSC00551fb DSC00552fb DSC00553fb DSC00554fb

Leno Calling


Here’s a small illo I did for Westchester Magazine’s monthly essay column “My Westchester”. The author tells of the time he submitted jokes to Jay Leno and actually received a call from Jay himself–only to think it was his brother impersonating Jay.

The story takes place in 1987, and it may seem funny, but I would consider this a “period piece” as I had to set the stage with Jay’s shoebox sized phone and the author’s mullet and “Cosbyesque” sweater.


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My website has undergone a facelift.  Please stop by and take a look; you’ll also find some new pieces you haven’t seen before …

DSC00584aDSC00578athanks for dropping by.