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Grad Night Caricature 2018 pt 3

And the third and final installment of grads. Good luck to all!

Grad Night Caricature 2018 pt 2

Here’s the second collection of grads…

Grad Night Caricature 2018 pt 1

Here is this years collection of favorite caricature sketches from my recent grad night season. Congratulations young ladies and gents! 

Grad Night Caricature 2017 Round 3

Congratulations to all the kids!

Grad Night Caricature 2017 2nd Round


Grad Night Caricature 2017 1st round

And here’s my annual cavalcade of graduate sketches from this years’ grad night season. To the class of ’17!

Grad Night Caricature 2016 vol 3

last but not least…go get ’em class of 2016!


Grad Night Caricature 2016 vol 2

2nd wave…


Grad Night Caricature 2016 vol 1

It’s that time of year again–queue the Pomp and Circumstance!DSC01466cc DSC01464cc DSC01473ccDSC01468ccDSC01470ccDSC01476DSC01478cc


Class of 2015 pt. 3

And one more group. DSC01189a DSC01212a DSC01211a DSC01210a DSC01208a DSC01205a DSC01204a DSC01194a DSC01199a DSC01192a DSC01191a